Welcome to Nordic Seaco

Nordic Seaco was founded in 1996 and celebrated its’ 15th anniversary in 2011. The company has wide experience from the national and international fish market, and has been a stable supplier of various species to the top users of fish products world wide.

The offered product range includes high quality wild caught fish frozen at sea, such as haddock, cod and saithe. We offer whole round fish and H&G as well as fillets and loins, and have exclusivity on sale from the Norwegian seina vessels Bernt Oskar and Sea Hunter. Our product line also includes pelagic, wet salted and dried salted fish as well as frozen/salted roe.

Nordic Seaco is MSC-certified exporter, (copy MSC-cert), and follows high standards in all aspects through the supply chain, from catching of the fish to delivered products, by cooperating with well established partners.

Company Location 

We are situated in Aalesund, on the central west-coast of Norway. Aalesund is a town with long fishing traditions and has become the centre for Norway's most modern fisheries. It is also the home of many ship-owners who operate a huge part of the ocean-going fishing fleet. Aalesund is the biggest fish export harbour of Norway and an ideal base for Nordic Seaco's trading activity, providing direct access to the international fishing market.

You are welcome to contact us at post@nordic-seaco.no