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Seafood from Norway

Business concept

Nordic Seacos’ business concept is to establish close, long-term business relationships, continually  focusing on  quality  and reliability, all the way from the catchground to delivered product. Our team has many years of experience from the fishing business, and in addition to independent quality controlling and reporting, spot tests of raw material are carried out by our own staff.

A large network of contacts world wide enables us to offer a wide range of products at all times. Exclusivity on sale from the Norwegian fishing vessel Bernt Oskar and Sea Hunter provides steady supply on certain products.

With true dedication for our work we are always happy to do our very best to meet requirements from our customers! 




Nordic Seaco AS is cooperating with the two top modern seina vessels Bernt Oskar and Sea Hunter. They  have invested in top modern equipment for processing and been going through a program with focus on quality in all parts of the production. This is an ongoing project in cooperation with Innovation Norway,

It has already successfully shown quality improvement on delivered products. Storage tanks keep the fish alive on board and production is pre-rigor, the fish is as fresh as it can possibly be when processed and frozen. In addition graders are installed to meet specific demands. Thorough testing of all parcels prior to shipment are done at a regular basis.

 Newsletter: Bernt Oskar

Harhaug  Harhaug NNNN NewlyNely NN

     Seina vessel perparing for new trip

      New seina vessel Bernt Oskar

 Meeting points

 We are every year present as visitors at the BRUSSEL SEAFOOD SHOW,  in 2013 from April 23rd-25th.

European Seafood Exposition 2013