Our industry products are Headed&gutted, fresh frozen fillets, blocks or mince usually packed in different kinds of cartons, bags or bulk.

We also sell bi-products like frozen roe, industrial quality, whole block frozen, interleaved and paste.

Salted / dried salted


Species guide



We are mostly dealing with international customers, but also do some import for sale to the Norwegian market.

In addition to Haddock, Cod and Saithe, we are also working with species such as Greenland Halibut, Catfish, Mackerel and Redfish. Species guide 


Nordic Seaco is MSC-approved, (copy MSC-cert), for trading with following MSC-certified products: Norwegian North East Arctic Saithe, Norwegian North Sea Saithe, Norwegian North East Arctic Offshore Haddock, Norwegian North East Arctic Offshore Cod

The following defines the products linked to the certificate: Whole (H&G), fillet, frozen block, dried and salted fish.